Top 5 best bathroom fan extractor

Those days are gone when bathroom extractor fans used to be thought as luxury items. At present time it’s almost a must-have home appliance for conscious individuals. It protects your bathroom from damages caused by humidity which poses poisonous mildew growth and unpleasant odor. To maintain a tidy and healthy bathroom where you can enjoy an hour-long shower, a quality bathroom exhaust fan is just an incredible equipment.

But the selection process of a quality bathroom extractor is not as easy as there are literally hundreds of choices are available in the market. Though the basic function of all extractor fan is the same, cheap ones end up breaking down sooner and can be noisier also.

Therefore to rescue you from this baffling situation, in this article we have arranged top 5 bathroom extractor fan review from which you might find your long cherished one.

Top 5 Bathroom Fan Extractor

  1. BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Ventilation and Exhaust Fan:

If you in search of a quality bathroom extractor fan within your budget, then this BV Ultra Quiet Bathroom Extractor fan might be the perfect one for you. This very exhaust fan is just an excellent combination of quality and affordability.

The very name of the product asserts the superiority of its noise-free function. The fan functions on a technology called Silent Clever technology where it produces just 0.8 sones of noise output.

Made from a sturdy quality aluminum housing and good quality parts, the bathroom fan will serve you year after year. After using this bathroom fan, you will be assured that at times quality comes at an affordable price also.

With a mounting opening of 9.25 inches by 9.0 inches with approximately 7.5 inches tall where there is also a 4-inch collar to make the installing process easier and smoother. With such a standard measurement, this extractor fan accommodates standard sized bathroom effortlessly. The exhaust fan offers 90 CFM, which makes it ideal for 90 square feet bathroom. This much of air movement is quietly affordable in this price tag.

If you are not convinced about the quality of this exhaust fan till now, there are more for you. To certify the quality of the fan, it comes with CSA, HVI-2100 and ETL approval. To win your confidence, the manufacturer are also offering a limited warranty of 1 year. So, it should be a great deal within the budget.


  • Noise-free operation
  • Quality construction
  • Impressive CFM limit
  • Easy to install
  • HVI and CSA certification


  • Some users complain that the fan doesn’t cover 90 square feet bathroom fully, rather it’s apt for a smaller bathroom.
  1. Ultra quiet bathroom exhaust fan by Winair:

This bathroom exhaust fan by Winair is probably one of the noiseless bathroom extractor fans with an impressive 0.3 sones.

The main concern with a bathroom extractor fan remains the CFM rate which is impressive with this very fan. It features very powerful air movement with speed of 70 CFM so your solitude won’t be disturbed at all. By reducing extra moisture and dampness, this fan would keep your bathroom safe from damage. It circulates air so effectively that your bathroom remains free from unpleasant odors and you can enjoy the morning.

Those who remain as concerned about home décor always, this fan would meet their expectation. The white polymeric color will add extra charm to your creative interior design. On the top of that, the polymeric grille is very easy to clean.

To ensure the quality of the product, the fan comes with Energy Star certificate and HVI 2100 certificate.


  • Stylish and elegant color
  • Silent enough in this price tag
  • Fight odors
  • Polymeric grilles make cleaning easier


  • There has been complain about the difficult installation process

3. Hon & Guan 5 inch Extractor Fan:

Here comes another extractor fan that can be installed in bathroom, kitchen, laundry or any other places like café, shop or restaurant for ventilation. This fan will exhaust odor and supply ventilation at the same time.

Whether you install your extractor fan at a bathroom or kitchen, it will move air impressively at the rate of 128 CFM. This feature makes it a good option for using in a damp environment.

The durable quality of the fan makes it a standard option in this price range. The motor of the fan includes permanently lubricated ball bearing. As a result, the sound the fan produces is silent and doesn’t disturb solitude. The motor has two different speed setting and overrun timer up to 30 minutes.

The design of the extractor fan allows adjusting in confined space too. Thanks to its smart technology which allows easy maintenance without removing the whole duct. And the fan is lightweight too, so if you want you can dissemble also.

The installation process of this exhaust fan is absolutely hassle-free. Here one thing to remember, the fan doesn’t include any plug. But any standard plug will serve the purpose.


  • Durable quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • 2-speed setting


•    Few users complain that it gets louder in the high-speed setting.

4. Homyl Square Ventilation Extractor Fan :

Though here we are with bathroom extractor fans, this Homyl Square Ventilation fan allows to mount it in multiple places like the kitchen, laundry, toilet and of course bathroom. To ensure proper ventilation of your home and prevent humidity, you can consider this Homyl exhaust fan. It extracts humidity effectively.

Constructed with quality ABS plastic material, this exhaust fan will serve you for years. Though the fan is made from plastic, you need not worry about deforming or any other issue related to workmanship.

The color is also good and doesn’t tend to get yellowish too easily. So, there is nothing to worry about the maintenance issue.

As the Fan can endure up to 90-degree centigrade temperature, it’s appropriate for your kitchen also. And whether it’s wall or glass, it can be mounted in both.

Furthermore, this Homyl exhaust fan consumes very little energy which is also a plus point. So, if you are looking an extractor fan within your budget, you can go with this eco-friendly one.


  • Durable quality
  • Can be mounted on wall or glass
  • Decent ventilation
  • Can bear temperature of up to 90 degree centigrade


  • Not a great option for bathroom odor and humidity

5. Xpelair C4TR 12W Silent Contour Bathroom Extractor Fan with Timer:

Xpelair C4TR Silent Contour Bathroom Fan Extractor is one of the popular choices among users because of its versatility and affordability. Available in three different versions, this extractor fan comes with a simple but effective timer.

The product name itself refers to its noise-free operation. It is one of the high performing extractor fans with low sound.

As per the extraction rate of the fan is concerned, you are offered with two different options: 15 liters per second and 21 liters per second which you can set at the time of installation.

Then comes the design of the product which makes it more popular. The sleek and elegant square shape of the fan adds charm to any type of interior.

For easy maintenance, the fan includes twist and click technology. This technology makes cleaning fascia and back easier and smoother. And the installation process is also very straightforward. Here also has been applied another advanced technology, which is built-in quick fit clamp. This technology makes it possible to mount in wall or ceiling, wherever you want.

The price is quite reasonable as per quality. Its reasonable price is one of the important factors that has made it one of the best-selling bathroom extractor.

It comes with a 2 years warranty which is like icing on the cake. Overall, this bathroom extractor fan might be the one you were longing for.


  • 2 different operating speed available
  • Stylish design
  • Can be mounted on ceiling or wall
  • Two years warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Some users complain that the fan is not powerful in lowest setting
  • Its noisy according to some clients

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Bathroom Extractor Fan buying guide:

A good quality bathroom extractor fan changes your shower time into amazing relaxation. Side by side, it would take care of your bathroom to keep it damage free and healthier. But for all these you must have a good knowledge on how to choose a bathroom extractor fan. Here are few important considerations you should keep in mind while making a purchase of bathroom extractor fan.

  • Size:

The first thing to consider before purchasing a bathroom extractor fan is selecting the correct size according to your bathroom. The prefect size ensures the proper ventilation throughout the space. However, these exhaust fans are sized and rated by how much air they can move in cubic feet per minute, which is widely known as CFMs. For smaller bathrooms less CFMs that is less powerful fans would be sufficient while higher CFMs would be required for larger sized bathrooms.

  • Features and benefits:

The next consideration for a bathroom fan should be the features it include and what benefits they serve. Additional features certainly would add convenience and effectiveness. For instance, some models include light, while some other might include timer or built-in heater. Some advanced models come with humidity sensor which is more convenient to operate and maintain.

  • Noise level:

You would definitely not like a fan that disturbs your peace and relaxation of shower time. This sound level that a bathroom fan produces while in operation is measured in sones. One sone is equal to the little sound that a refrigerator produces. Two sones would be 2 times louder than this. Generally, noise level under 2 sones are standard for bathrooms. If the noise level crosses 2 sones, it gets louder.

  • Installation facility:

Most of the bathroom exhaust fan models are designed to install in a ceiling, but few of them also support installing in a wall. So, this feature you need to determine as per your personal preference.

  • Energy efficiency:

Energy efficiency is also very important consideration. This feature is generally measured by Energy Star certificate, which ensures up to 70% energy save. So, this feature will ensure low energy cost. Again, the fan models that include humidity sensor also contributes in saving energy as they run only when needed.

Final words:

However, now you should have all the necessary knowledge and information to get the appropriate bathroom extractor fan for your bathroom. Among the above reviewed models of bathroom extractor fan you would definitely find one as per your choice irrespective of your preferences are.


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