Best Swamp Cooler in 2019 (Latest Listing)

best rooftop evaporative cooler

It’s so devastating seating in a large house, full of comfort and almost everything you need just right beside you, yet there is a crucial thing that lacks.

We all want a comfortable environment with constant fresh air. This kind of air that is neither warm nor cold tends to moderate the indoor temperature giving you that perfect breeze whenever it’s too hot.

In short, your house will have that ocean breeze temperature.

One way to guarantee yourself such an environment is having the best swamp cooler installed in your house.

These are devices that will guarantee you fresh, cool and extremely comfy feeling while relaxing at home. This article will give insights on what to look for and the top swamp coolers to go for.

Our 5 Best Swamp Cooler Reviews

Shopping is never an easy task. However, we have you sorted. Below are the top best swamp coolers available in the market. They can either be fitted at home or at your workplace depending on your preference.

  1. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier & Fan

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a cool breeze inside a large apartment especially when the internal temperatures become unbearable.

However, the latest modern Honeywell swamp cooler combines a 3-in-1technology to form one scrumptious and aerodynamic body, dehumidifying and cooling apartments that are up to 400 square feet.

Correspondingly, it has a reliable dehumidifying function, convectional three speed fan and an auto-evaporation system giving you better experience while using, by removing up to 80.1 pints/day.

Again, it’s easy to move from room to room since it’s coupled with a smooth gliding caster wheel thus doesn’t require any installation. Another factor for easy movement is its portability.

Interestingly, it gives you an effortless control of the temperature at night while sleeping by just toggling the sleeping mode settings. In addition it comes along with a remote control for digital control panel, guaranteeing you comfort since much of the operation will be just in your hands.

Besides this, it comes with flexible exhaust hose together with an easy to install removable window venting kit. You don’t have to worry about energy saving options. This cooler comes with its own energy saving timer that can last up to 24hours.


  • Comes with a special sleep mode settings
  • Comes with a digital control panel
  • Ideal for even large apartments
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Has an easy mobility


  • Not ideal to use in small apartments since it occupies much space
  1. Honeywell 525 CFM Indoor Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler

Nowadays it’s not easy to find an air cooler that is versatile and portable, especially one that you can use for both indoors and outdoors activities. The Honeywell 535 CFM is the ideal device that will give you that sensational effect of sea breeze even while outside your premise.

It has been designed to be accommodated in medium-sized apartments that measures up to 320 square feet. Consequently, you can use it even in garage, deck, seating room, and bedroom.

The cooler comes in 2-in-1 technology, either used as a warm mist humidifier during winter as the fun circulates warm air within the house, or as a dehumidifier during summer. Since the cooler uses the cold water within the ice compartment to cool the premise.

This is possible as it combines three appliances; a humidifier, fan evaporative air cooler. Furthermore, it has a sleek body that ensures minimal consumption of energy while maximizing airflow for either warming or cooling the air.

Also, you can set the energy saving timer for a super low power usage when not in use. It comes along with further added advantages such as; an adjustable humidification knob, ice compartment for a perfect cooling and warming time, remote control and low water alarm.


  • Can be used in small to medium sized apartments
  • Weather resistant for outdoor activities
  • Has a low power consumption
  • Has a washable dust filter


  • It requires high maintenance
  1. The Porta cool PACJS2401A1 Jetstream 240 Portable Evaporative Cooler.

Comfort and quality, all in one package in an evaporative cooler will not only be economical but also provide you with most efficient cooling whenever you need. The Porta cool PACJS2401A1 Jetstream 240 product ensures that your comfort counts in every penny you spend on purchasing an evaporative cooler.

It features a wider drain system for easy and effective maintenance while using. It also has a high quality kuul comfort evaporative media, exclusively for porta cool product. Thus, providing you with maximum adaptability for cooling wherever possible.

In addition to that, porta cooler is easy to move around room after room due to its movable wheels hence smooth mobility. Importantly, it can also fit in the tightest spaces. The device comes with a liquid level indicator and an automation pump shut off, whenever your cooler is running low of water.

This protects it against breakdown, assuring you of quality and durability. Other than quality, it has proven to be an energy efficient cooling solution used indoors by minimizing energy usage more than a standard household toaster.


  • Excellent in the efficient and minimal usage of energy
  • High quality evaporative media
  • Comes with a liquid level maintenance
  • Has an automatic pump shut off
  • It ensures easy mobility


  • Lacks remote control for digital control panel
  1. Porta Cool PACJS2301A1 Jetstream 230 Portable Evaporative Cooler

Similar to the Porta cool PACJS2401A1 Jetstream 240 Portable Evaporative Cooler, this model of porta cooler also guarantees you comfort within a professional single-personal working space and efficient versatility.

This makes it useable in both open and confined work spaces. It is a certified product and guarantees you comfort, safety and quality whenever using it.

The product also comes with high quality kuul comfort Micro-Tech evaporative media specifically meant for this model. This makes it standout from other evaporative coolers providing maximum adaptability in cooling.

In fact, it has an oscillating louver that maximizes cooling areas, allowing for a wide range of cooling. Moreover, it contains a large 2-inch drain that gives you easy and effective cleaning of the product, while also ensuring a better maintenance for your device.

Apart from draining system, it also has a low liquid indicator with an automatic pump shutoff. This guards your product against breakdowns.

Other than being used in personal work space, it is also an impressive evaporative cooler that provides cooling solutions in industries or automotive shops that are hard to cool. Significantly, it consumes low energy power for more efficient use.


  • Versatile in that its useable on open or closed workspace
  • A unique high kuul comfort Micro-Tech evaporative media
  • Comes with an oscillating louver to cover a wider cooling area
  • Super low power usage
  • Low liquid indicator


  • Lacks remote control for digital control panel
  1. Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler

This is an American made evaporative cooler designed to combine natural cooling air with an efficient air moving system. This in turn allows a steady breeze, and in the long run, moderates the indoor temperature. It ensures an optimal airflow within an apartment that is up to 1,600 square feet.

The Essick air window evaporative cooler is a durable and certified product that has passed strict quality control standards and stringent performance trials before getting it to the market.

It features a remote control for digital control panel, providing effortless control and much comfort. Furthermore, it comes with a bottled construction which not only provides easy entry when replacing, but it also does away with welded seams thus preventing rust.

Consequently, it is efficient for you to use because it minimizes energy use while maximizing airflow for better cooling process. Moreover, it has an aspen medial pads originally from aspen tree fiber, forming a media that is more economical and durable guaranteeing you quality and durability.

Other partaking features of this device is that it comes along with: installation kit together with leg levelling kit, permanent lubricated pump, machine balance blower wheel and an adjustable air vent.


  • Bottled construction system idea against rusting and easy access
  • Comes with adjustable air vents and a permanent lubricated pump
  • Ideal for larger apartments of up to 1,600 square feet
  • Remote control for digital control panel
  • Efficient and economic energy use


  • Not easy to move it around due to lack of wheels for easy mobility

Things to Consider While Buying

While buying any best swamp cooler, there are several things that you ought to consider. Here are some of the few things that you ought to look at before buying;

Climatic Condition Within Your Area

Evaporative cooler is a simple, easy, effective and comfortable way for cooling indoors air. But it’s appropriate to fully understand how it works and know the most ideal swamp cooler to use depending on climatic condition in your area.

In this case, it will be appropriate to go for one that is versatile in its use. Essentially, go for those that work best during summer.

Size of The Swamp Cooler Appropriate for You Space

For your evaporative cooler to achieve the best results, ensure that you choose the most appropriate one that can effectively cool the entire house.

For instance, using a smaller cooler in a large apartment or working space will lead to using more energy for the cooling process to be effective. This may be very costly. Go for what is compatible to your space.

Durability And Workability of The Swamp Cooler

Good quality and workability will always guarantee you comfort. Always check if it has passed some testing for you to be certain that it won’t breakdown a few days after buying.

Workability of the product will also depend on how efficient it works in cooling the house although some can also be used during winter and summer.

Warranty of the Commodity

Most swamp coolers are not that cheap. But for you to have something standard and good quality, you have to pay for it no matter how much it worth.

However, always buy it from a certified retailer or wholesaler so that you can enjoy a valid warranty coverage from the manufacturer in case of any breakdown within the warranty period.

Maintenance Cost of The Swamp Cooler

Even though taking care of a residential swamp cleaner will differ slightly from an industrial swamp cleaner, all will require the basic maintenance process which include: proper cleaning of the cooler and storing it appropriately.

Always ensure you shut down your evaporative cooler the correct way. Importantly, ensure it has adequate and consistent water supply to avoid any breakdown. Go for those that will not need a professional’s service to maintain but rather one that you can clean yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several commonly asked question about swamp coolers. Here are some of the vital ones that we have sampled for you.

  • Can I use a swamp cooler during winter season?

Not all swamp cleaners can be used during winter, but a few are versatile to combine both features to accommodate serving during the summer as a warm mist humidifier. A good example is the Honeywell 525 cfm indoor outdoor portable evaporative cooler.

  • Can a swamp cooler be energy efficient?

They are the most efficient way of cooling indoor temperature, especially when you want to minimize energy use. They use about 30% to 40% of your electricity, but still some will even use below that. However, they require enough water simply for them to be efficient energy users.

  • Do I have to put water inside a swamp cooler?

From the name swamp coolers, they greatly rely upon water for them to pass it over saturated pads, eventually making water evaporate into it. In turn, this is what brings the cooling effect. Their maintenance greatly rely on ample supply of water and most suitable to use in low humid areas.

  • What size of swamp cooler do I need?

Swamp coolers come in various sizes that suit both residences and industries with either large or small space. Always check the size of your house or working space. Choosing the most appropriate evaporative cooler will not only be efficient but it will also consume less energy.

  • Are evaporative coolers more effective to use?

They are efficacious to use when air around is hot and dry with low humidity. For that reason, it will give a cooling effect similar to that of the sea or lake breeze. Again it has proven to solve effects of low humidity such as dry skin, snoring and dry nostrils.


Best Swamp coolers do not serve as fans only. They combine both natural air along with air cooling system to reduce the indoors temperature. This brings that cooling sensation within your space.

Although some can be used even in outdoor activities during winter and summer since they come with protective weather proof, they are effective for use in any kind of weather.

Always choose the most suitable one for your apartment or workplace. It is advisable to go for a more versatile one. This will guarantee saving while getting the right service during any kind of weather.


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