Top 10 Best Under Counter Ice Maker Review and Buying Guide

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If you need to produce a large quantity of ice in a short period of time for entertaining guests with chilled refreshment, at restaurants, coffee shop, for office or personal use, you must have a need for a steady flow of ice. Having a traditional source of ice may hinder your party excitement or hamper your business. In such situation, an under counter ice maker would be a blessing for you as they are built to be reliable and meet the need of personal or professional use. They will save your cost of buying ice bags from store or hassle of filling tedious ice trays regularly.

Even a few years back, an ice maker was a luxury item. But with the progress of technology, this machine has become more efficient and budget-friendly. As they are upgraded in their size also, now you can place them in your kitchen, mostly like a dishwasher or trash-bin. Moreover, they need very little maintenance.

With their versatility, ease of use and absolute safety feature- under counter ice makers are becoming more and more popular.

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What is an under counter ice maker:

An under counter ice maker often called built-in ice maker is an integral part of a restaurant, coffee shop or house party where you need a large amount of ice at a time without losing it to the warmth. They are designed to fit effortlessly into your kitchen. They can be installed directly into your cabinetry without any floor space. The capacity for making various types and size of ice makes them extremely versatile. These ice machines come with either air or water cooled condensers to match your commercial and personal need.

Under counter ice maker buying guide:

If an under counter ice maker sounds like a good fit for your need, there are certain things you need to consider before purchasing one.


Where you are going to place your ice maker –keep that in mind while purchasing an under counter ice maker. Then choose a model that fits nicely in that particular space.

If you are going to place it outside, carefully choose the models that are specially designed for outdoor use. Because an under counter ice maker needs to be more durable and more efficient to keep the ice cool for longer, even in extremely hot weather.

Ice type:

What type of ice do you want? Sonic or nugget ice, cube ice, crescent ice or any other?

Before purchasing an under counter ice maker, look for a model that can produce your favorite ice.


The production rate of an ice maker is one of the deciding factors to make a wise purchase. This rate is counted on the quantity of ice the unit can produce in 24 hours. The higher the production rate of an ice maker, the better output you will get. If you are going to place your ice maker in relatively hotter place, you should look for a model with higher production rate.


To ensure the ice maker will meet your demand easily, you should check how much ice the machine can hold at a time. If you are to arrange big parties or events often, a high capacity model is must for you.

Drain option:

For under counter ice makers, there are two drain options available to choose from – gravity drains and drain pumps.

If you have a drain near the ice maker, then a gravity drain will do the job for you. If that’s not the case, go for drain pumps.

Energy efficiency:

You should check if the ice maker model you choose is energy-efficient or not as freezing ice needs a lot of energy. And definitely, you would not want your electricity bill to increase significantly.  Choose a model that is certified by Energy-star.

And make sure the model you are selecting closely meets your requirements so that energy is not wasted.


Like any other home appliances, look and style of an under counter ice maker also matters, especially for those who are concerned with interior decoration. Though most of the models come in black, white or stainless steel, you will find some models that match with your interior decoration. We also have ice cream maker review you might like it Click Here 


Price is obviously an important consideration while making any purchase. As per under counter maker is concerned, along with purchasing cost, you should also check the maintenance cost it requires.

If you keep these things in mind, your purchase will definitely be a wise one.

Top 10 under counter ice maker in 2018:

With a seemingly overwhelming number of options available in the market, it not that much simple to pick the right under counter ice maker. That’s why to assist you in this process, we are here to introduce you to top 10 under counter ice maker so that you can select the one best suits your requirements.

1.Edgestar IB 120SS Ice Maker, 12 Ibs:

If you are in search of a high quality under counter ice maker at an affordable price, this budget-win EdgeStar IB120SS model is the perfect one for you. In spite of its low price, the ice machine is incredibly reliable and practical. This is the reason it is gaining popularity among users who want a cheap but functional under counter ice maker for home, office or small business.

It can produce 12 Ibs of crescent-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours which is enough to meet the need of a large family, serving guests or small coffee shops.

The first thing with any appliance we notice at first is its design. The design of this EdgeStar model is smart, classy and minimalistic. The body of this model is black with a stainless steel door, which makes it adjustable with any interior.

The height of this EdgeStar IB120SS model is only 25 inches that means you can easily place it into your cabinetry without wasting countertop space. This height is built according to ADA height standard. Moreover, it includes a ¼ inch 25-foot long water line to connect with your kitchen’s water line and it ensures proper built-in function.

Like most under counter ice makers, you won’t have to worry about ice melting. Since this ice maker has an integrated freezer, you can store your ice cubes in it as long as you want. It can store 6Ibs of ice at a time. As the ice remains frozen, no drain line is required. The unit has also included an ice scoop that made the process of distributing and collecting ice easier and simpler.

Another amazing feature of this ice maker is its front vented design which allows you to use it as a built-in ice maker.  Like back vented ones, you are not likely to waste extra 5 inches with this under counter ice maker. You can also leave it freestanding.

And, if the ice holder reaches full storage, it goes to auto shut-off mode. Hence, you need not worry about energy being wasted or the product being damaged even if you are not at home.

You won’t have to spend extra for its installation as the ice maker features a hassle-free and easy installation process. You should be able to install it all by yourself.

Overall, this EdgeStar IB 120SS ice maker is perfectly a decent choice as a budget under counter ice maker.

Features at a glance:

  • Produces 12 Ibs of ice per day while stores up to 6 Ibs.
  • No drainage system required hence can be used everywhere.
  • ADA height approved.
  • Front venting for space saving and freestanding installation.
  • Auto shut-off function.
  • Easy installation.


  • Included water line eliminates the need for refilling water reservoir again and again.
  • Stylish and elegant look.
  • Can be built or let stand alone.
  • Keeps a large amount of ice frozen.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Inexpensive.


  • It’s quite noisy, much like a running dishwasher.
  • Require manual defrosting.

2. Sunpentown IM- 150US Stainless Steel Under-counter Ice Maker:

Another great under counter ice maker for those who want a budget ice maker but don’t want to compromise with the quality. This medium sized, high production Sunpentown IM- 150US stainless steel ice maker with freezer would be sufficient to meet the thirst of the small to a medium-sized crowd. With a wide array of features and benefits, the product is a great value for the price tag.

If we talk about the look of the ice maker, a metal door along with black cabinet makes it attractive and adaptable to your interior regardless of its color and design. And as the product is made of stainless steel, it’s bound to be durable.

This under counter ice maker is able to produce 12Ibs of ice in a day and it includes an easily removable bin which can store up to 6 Ibs of ice cubes at a time. This amount will leave you well-stocked to meet the thirst of a large family, hosting friends at weekends or for small business. The cute, little half-moon shaped ice cubes add the extra level of uniqueness. As the ice doesn’t melt, so it won’t require draining also. So, you can place your under counter ice maker anywhere.

The overall dimension of the ice maker is rather portable and the door is reversible which allows easy access to either left or right-hand swing.

This under counter ice maker is equipped with front-venting which serves as a great space saver and makes it perfect for built-in installation.

As per installation of the product is concerned, professional assistance is recommended for smooth installation.

All in all, the above-stated features with a competitive price made the ice maker a great deal for the money.

Features at a glance:

  • Stainless steel door along with the black cabinet.
  • Produces 12 Ibs of crescent-shaped ice cubes.
  • Keeps up to 6 Ibs of ice frozen altogether.
  • Front venting.
  • Reversible door.


  • Elegant and classy look.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Works as a freezer.
  • Space saver.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some complain that the water connector is fragile.

3. EdgeStar IB450SS under counter Ice Maker:

If you are one of those who arranges big parties quite often and faces run out of ice or own a restaurant, this EdgeStar IB450SS under counter ice maker would be the perfect one for your need. This under counter ice maker produces 45 Ibs of fine quality ice cubes per day. Moreover, it features an attractive elegantly curved stainless steel door which matches with every kitchen décor.

As the door of the ice maker is reversible, you can control in which direction you want it to be opened. You can decide whether it will swing to the right or left.

The front venting feature of the ice maker makes it perfect for built-in installment. It also allows freestanding installation.

One of the leading features of this ice maker is its huge storage capacity. It can store up to 25 Ibs of ice in its removable bin. This large quantity would ensure you are relaxed even the party is large or customers are huge in number in your pub or coffee shop. You can entertain all with frozen beverages. And the ice you will get from this ice maker is of restaurant quality and comes out in sheets which need to break before using.

An important factor with this ice maker you should know before finalizing is the storage of the ice maker doesn’t act as a freezer. That’s why you will have to incorporate an internal drain pump for pumping the water to a specific location.

The unit comes with a computerized control system and this makes it simpler to operate.

The manufacturer provides an easy installation guideline though professional installment is always preferable.

Features at a glance:

  • Produces up to 50Ibs of ice in 24 hours.
  • Store 25 Ibs of ice at a time.
  • Restaurant quality ice.
  • Computerized easy access.
  • Drainage system required.


  • Large production capacity.
  • Computerized control.
  • Elegant look.
  • Reversible door.


  • Some complaints about the sound it produces while operating.
  • Some user claims the ice maker doesn’t make crescent shaped ice.

However, the obstacles are too less in comparison with the benefits the under counter ice maker provides. So, it worth your consideration.

4. Whynter MIM- 14231SS 14” Under counter automatic Marine ice maker:

If you are in search of an ice maker that allows easy transportation, Whynter MIM- 14231SS ice maker would be the perfect choice for you. This marine ice maker is made especially keeping boat, yacht or RV in mind. You can enjoy chilled beverages whenever you are camping, fishing all day long, organizing cocktail parties or poolside parties with friends.

The unit can produce up to 23Ibs of ice cubes every day. You just need to pour 3 gallons of water and it will leave you well stocked for the entire day. Besides, it can store 12 lbs of ice cubes at a time.  The machine will automatically restart producing ice once the bin is emptied. And if you connect the ice maker to a tap, there is no need to pour the water manually, the ice production process will start automatically.

This compact marine under counter ice maker is the perfect option for using outside, though fits easily into small kitchens also. As the ice maker has been built for outside use, it’s bound to be very durable and robust. The ice maker is resistant to corrosion and UV light, hence it can withstand harsh weather. To help it to withstand corrosive effects of salt water, you just need to clean it regularly. Mobile use is the ultimate goal of this ice maker, hence it doesn’t include drainage system.

Ease of use is another prominent feature with this under counter ice maker. It also reuses melted ice for recycling. To produce ice from melted ice, all you would have to do is plugging it to get started and press the on button.

A reversible door of the ice maker is another plus point. You can opt whether the door will open from the left side or right?

Keeping the safety measurements in mind, the doors have been secured with a latch so that it doesn’t open accidentally, even if there arise harsh sailing condition.

Considering all the excitements the ice maker offer, it worth your purchase.

Features at a glance:

  • Makes 23 lbs of ice cubes per day.
  • Keeps ice frozen, hence no drainage required.
  • Stainless steel reversible door.
  • One button operation.
  • Auto shut-off.


  • Made to serve for long.
  • Recycles melted ice.
  • No drainage requirement.
  • Great value for the money.


  • May not fit in small boats.
  • If not secured correctly, there is a chance to fall over.

5. Scotsman CU50GA- 1A Undercounter Icemaker:

If you are in search of a premium quality ice maker with huge production capacity that can be used both inside and outside the house, then Scotsman CU50GA-1A under-counter ice maker would be your dream ice maker. As the ice maker produces gourmet ice cubes, this very feature is enough to leave an impression of elegance. Then, with a wide array of useful features, solid construction and a large quantity production capacity, this high-quality ice maker will meet your commercial or homely need.

The design of the ice maker is something that blends beauty with elegance. Its stainless steel exterior makes it adjustable with every interior decoration. The material also makes the cleaning easier.

As we said, the unit’s being able to produce bullet shaped hollow ice cubes that are gourmet ice cubes is perhaps the most attractive feature. The specialty of gourmet ice is its slow melting nature which makes sure your drink is not diluted and looking elegant.

Though the unit is being said as of under counter species, you can leave it freestanding also.

The ice maker is of gravity drain model, hence you must install it in such a place where you can easily run a water line. It needs to place near a floor drain where you can direct the drain hose.

Since the ice maker can produce a lot of ice cubes in a day- 65 is to be exact. You may not need that much for daily use, but will be helpful when you are hosting big events or parties. Again, this large quantity makes it ideal for commercial use also. The ice bin can store 26ibs of ice cubes at a time and the unit shuts off automatically as soon as the bin is full.

The ice maker is expensive, but those who don’t want to compromise with ice quality, it’s a worthwhile purchase. So, if you don’t have a budget issue, this would be the best appliance.

Features at a glance:

  • The capacity of making 65 lbs gourmet ice cubes every day.
  • The storage bin can hold 26 lbs of ice.
  • Crystal clear quality ice making.
  • Gravity drain.
  • Outdoor use approval.


  • Durable construction.
  • Compact size.
  • Elegant design.
  • Restaurant quality ice.


  • Some users complain that the appliance produces some noise while functioning.
  • Expensive.
  • Professional installation required.

6. Orien FS-55IM 44-pound built-in under counter ice maker:

Another commercial grade ice maker, Orien FS-55IM 44 Ibs Ice Maker is presented for the chilled beverage lovers. This undercounter ice maker is a great option for using both home and commercial purpose.

It produces 44 lbs of ice cubes instantly whereas the storage capacity of the ice maker is 25 lbs. This large production capacity should meet the demand of a big party or medium-sized business. The ice cubes it produces is of fine quality clear ice. Moreover, the appliance takes very little time to produce ice cubes. You can get the ice ready in just 20 minutes.

The stainless steel door and the black cabinet of the ice maker enhance the look. And the door is reversible which gives you control over its swing which aids in ease of use.

This ice maker comes with a front ventilation system which enables its to use both as built-in and freestanding. This installation versatility adds charm to the unit.

This Orien ice maker has Energy Star certificate. So, shouldn’t worry about energy being wasted. Its highly efficient CFC-free compressor aids in the process. The UL approval of the machine makes it the best option for indoor use, either in the home or in business.

Unlike most ice makers, this one is absolutely noise free.

The built-in removable bin of the ice maker comes with auto shut-off function. It also prevents overflowing. The ice machine supports gravity drain only. That’s why if you don’t have this opportunity around, you will need to purchase an extra pump to pump the water into a drain or a sink.

Features at a glance:

  • 44 Ibs of ice cube production and 25 Ibs of ice cube storage capacity.
  • UL approval for home and commercial use.
  • Self-regulated overflow protection.
  • CFC-free compressor.
  • EnergyStar certified.


  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Makes 44 pounds of ice cubes in just 20 minutes.
  • Durable quality.


  • Bulky sized.

7. Vinotemp VT-IMSW Under Counter Icemaker:

Vinotemp VT-IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker is a perfect option for those who want an under counter ice maker for their homely use or entertaining guests. This black body stainless steel ice maker looks elegant and sure to match seamlessly with all type of interior décor.

The compact size of the ice machine would fit effortlessly under your countertop irrespective of its height.

The unit can produce 12 Ibs of ice per day and another amazing feature is unlike most other ice makers, this one can provide storage as long as you need. With simple on/off switch, the unit allows convenient use and easy access to the ice whenever you need. To aid in the convenience of use, the ice maker comes with four adjustable levelers. These levelers come in handy especially if your floor is uneven. The ice bin that comes with the machine is extremely easy to pull out or push back in. you are also getting a plastic scoop with the unit.

The front venting technology of the ice maker aids in built-in or freestanding installation. This option makes it versatile.

The ice it produces is of restaurant quality which is clean and health-friendly. It comes automatic overfill prevention feature due to which wastage of energy is no matter to worry about with this machine. When the bin is full, the ice shuts down automatically. This feature also ensures the minimal electricity bill.

The compact size of the ice maker makes it a good option to carry easily for poolside parties or other outdoor events.

Moreover, the installation process of the ice maker is also easy and allows self-installation.

Features at a glance:

  • Produces 12 Ibs of ice per day.
  • Provides storage until needed.
  • Self-regulated overfill prevention.
  • Ice storage bin and plastic scoop included.
  • Stainless steel door with long handle.


  • Classy black color.
  • Produces ice within a short time.
  • Portable.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • Some complaint about the durability of the ice maker.

8. AGA Marvel 30iMT-SS-F-L-P Outdoor Ice Maker:

As the name suggests, AGA Marvel 30iMT-SS-F-L-P ice machine is made especially for outdoor use. This 15-inch wide unit will easily fit your cabinet area.

Stainless steel door of the ice maker and elegant black color makes it attractive to all. If you are one who gives importance to the look of appliances, this one would meet your expectation. The stainless steel exterior of the ice maker enhances the durability of the ice maker. You are allowed to use the ice maker outside of your house. The compact size of the machine makes it a portable option.

You can set this ice maker in larger openings with a filler kit. It will extend the width of the unit up to 18-inches.

The unit can deliver 34 Ibs of ice in a day which should be enough for all homely use or small business like a coffee shop. The ice the unit produces is of fine quality Gourmet shaped ice which is an attractive feature. Gourmet ice is meant not to melt easily and doesn’t affect the flavor of the drink. Alongside, it can hold the ice of 30 lbs.

To ensure the ultimate ease of use, the ice maker comes with leveling legs. You can adjust the height up to 1-inch to assure well-equipment. Included stainless steel ice cutter and revised ice scoop are meant to promote comfort during operation.

The microprocessor tech the ice maker uses helps to deliver high efficiency and makes the condenser low-maintenance. While installing the machine, make sure the drain remains lower than the ice maker.

Features at a glance:

  • The unit produces 34 Ibs of ice cubes per day.
  • Stainless steel door.
  • Stainless steel ice cutter.
  • High efficiency, low maintenance condenser system.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel exterior.
  • Height adjustment of up to 1-inch.


  • Beautiful look.
  • Produces gourmet ice.
  • Noise is very low.
  • Equipped with cleaning mode.


  • User complains about the poor quality of the pump.

9. Manitowoc QM-30A Under Counter Ice Maker:

If you are in search of an ice maker for lunch area in your office, small cafes or fast-food shop, Manitowoc QM-30A under counter ice maker can be the perfect option for you. Those who need medium scale ice production, either for household use or commercial, this unit will meet their requirements wonderfully.

The ice maker is able to produce 60 pounds of ice per day while its storage capacity is of 30 pounds. You can control the production of the ice as per your need with the help of its programmable ice production. When you have control over the production that means no chance of energy being wasted. An included removable bin is self-contained which means it fills automatically once the bin is emptied.

The unit is fully air-cooled, so it would take and release air from the front side and thus eliminates the need for extra operating space. The compact size of the ice maker makes it perfect to fit snugly between other kitchen appliances.

The outer casing of the ice maker is made of high-quality stainless steel and ABS plastic, which makes it a durable option. With proper care, the unit is going to serve you for years to come.

The air filter the ice maker includes is removable. You can easily slide out it and wash it in a dishwasher. Another attractive feature of the under counter ice maker is, it includes AlphaSan Cleaning Technology which keeps the internal components neat and clean. So, you won’t have to struggle to clean it often.

This eco-friendly ice maker uses CFC free R-134A refrigerant. The integrated ice bin also uses eco-friendly foam for insulating. The foam is CFC-free too which helps to prevent the ice from melting.

You might be able to install the ice maker by yourself, though professional installation is always preferable. Keeping the advantages of the ice maker in mind, the price of the unit is justifiable.

Features at a glance:

  • Produce up to 60 Ibs of ice in a day.
  • Includes removable ice bin.
  • Internal cleaning technology.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Eco-friendly appliance.


  • Ice production control.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Easy-read display.
  • Front venting


  • No cons found.

10. Mosel 15” Undercounter Ice Maker:

If you want a medium capacity ice maker with high production rate, you should check this Mosel under counter ice maker. If you don’t have enough space in your cabinet, this won’t be an issue with this space saver unit. This 15” slim unit will fit any tight interior space wonderfully.

The production rate of the maker is also good. This under counter ice maker produces 32 Ibs of clear ice in a day where you can select the size of ice cubes from three different options. The unit can store up to 25 Ibs of ice which should be enough for a medium-sized party or get together.

As three different sizes are available, it’s perfect for every taste and occasions. You can have the correct amount as per your need.

Its stainless steel exterior and smooth finishing enhance the look of the ice maker. It will assure to adapt to each kind of interior design.

The unit comes with built-in drain pump technology, which aids in easy cleaning. On the top of that, removable internal ice bucket makes the cleaning process swift and smooth. So, you are allowed to enjoy with minimal maintenance.

However, as per the installation of the appliance is concerned, a professional installation is recommended to ensure smooth operation.

Features at a glance:

  • Produces 32 Ibs of ice cubes in 24 hours.
  • 25 Ibs of ice storing capacity.
  • Built-in drain pump.
  • 3 sizes of ice cubes.


  • Elegant look.
  • Slim and smart design.
  • Space saver design.
  • Less cleaning hassle.


  • Doesn’t include a freestanding feature.

*Bonus One

11. Della Stainless Steel Commercial Undercounter Ice Maker:

If you want a medium capacity ice maker with high production rate for the hotel, café or even homely use, you should check this Della Stainless Steel Commercial ice maker.

The production rate of the maker is impressive. The ice the unit produces is of bullet shaped cubes. 100 pounds of ice production capability makes it a remarkable option. This amount is more than enough to meet the growing demand of your customer at the workplace. The included storage bin is able to store up to 35 pounds of ice cubes at a time.

Its stainless steel exterior and smooth finishing enhance the look of the ice maker. It will assure to adapt to each kind of interior design.

The unit allows both built-in and freestanding installation.

The duration of ice making is incredibly low. It is one of the fastest ice makers that produces ice very fast. You will be astonished to know that the unit can produce ready-to-use bullet ice cubes within just 6 minutes. So, even if you need a larger amount of ice, you can make it instantly.

The product allows you to operate easily and conveniently. When the water level is low and requires pouring, the auto indicator alerts. Again, when the ice bucket gets full and needs cleaning, you can also get to know that from this indicator.

However, as per the installation of the appliance is concerned, a professional installation is recommended to ensure smooth operation.

Features at a glance:

  • Produces 100 Ibs of bullet shaped ice in 24 hours.
  • 35 Ibs of ice storing capacity.
  • NSF and UL certified for commercial use.
  • Fastest ice-making capability.
  • Auto-indicator.


  • Fast ice production.
  • Elegant look.
  • Both built-in and freestanding installation.


  • No cons found.

However, all the under-counter ice maker we have compiled here are unique and best pieces available in the market. All are worthwhile your money. If you have read the whole article, surely you have got something of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about under counter ice maker:

  1. Do I need a water line for my built-in ice machine?

Ans: Yes, an out-and-out water line is necessary for every all built-in ice makers.

So, irrespective of which model you are using, if your ice maker doesn’t feature freestanding mode, a water line will be required.

  1. Is there any difference between the ice types the ice makers produce?

Ans: Yes, each unit is designed to produce ice of specific shape and type. Each has uniqueness in shapes and functions. The varied shapes include cube, crescent, nugget, gourmet etc.

  1. Do I need to use a water filter with my under counter ice maker?

Ans: Well, it’s not mandatory. But, if you use it will benefit you. It not only improves the taste of the ice your under counter ice maker produce but also reduces cleaning hassle, ensures longevity and better function. That’s why manufacturers always recommend using one.

  1. Do I need an additional plug to install an under counter ice maker?

Ans: Before selecting the under the counter ice maker model, you should check if you have all the electrical requirements or not.

However, most under counter ice makers’ work with a common household outlet, hence doesn’t require extra one.

  1. Do I need a drain pump?

Ans: A drain pump helps to eliminate excess water from the unit. Most units come with a pump option. You can also purchase an extra one. Its way more important if the drain line is far away from the ice maker.

However, all models don’t require pump drain. Gravity drains will do the job if it’s located lower than the unit. Else, a pump drain will be needed.

  1. Can I install my under counter ice maker by myself?

Ans: As proper installation ensures the appropriate function and durability of the machine, professional installation is recommended. But, if you can follow the installation guidelines confidently, you can do it yourself. In that case, follow the steps as it is in the manual. Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind while installing ice maker.

  • Do not install an ice maker near any appliance that generates heat like, oven, grill or dishwasher.
  • If you want to install your ice maker outside of your home, make sure to choose a model that can withstand rain, wind, and heat.
  1. Should I throw away the first batch of ice the unit produce?

Ans: Yes, you should always discard the first batch of ice after installing and each cleaning. This will help you ensuring pure ice, free from all chemical residues.

  1. What are the maintenance and cleaning requirements for my under counter ice maker?

Ans: To ensure the highest outcome from your ice maker, it needs proper maintenance. Some models may include specific cleaning requirements. However, common and general cleaning guidelines are here for your assistance:

  • Unplug the ice machine and remove all ice from it.
  • Remove all the parts that come in contact with ice.
  • Then wash the removed parts with a mild detergent made especially for the purpose and let them dry.
  • Once they are dried, reassemble the whole unit. Plug it back and restart it.

Along with these, carefully follow the specific requirements for your unit, if there is any.

Final words:

An ice maker is a blessing of modern technology that allows enjoying chilled refreshments with friends and family. However, all the under-counter ice maker we have compiled here are unique and best pieces available in the market. You can save your freezer space and energy cost with these top quality under counter ice makers.

All you need to do is ensure the guidelines we have provided here are met. If you have read the whole article, surely you have got something of your choice.

Not happy with our selection?


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