TOP 5 Best Window air Conditioner Review and Buying Guide 2018

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Are you in search of an alternative for the ever power hungry window air conditions ? Are you looking out for an inexpensive cooling solution which is efficient enough to make your living cool and comfortable in the summer heat? We understand how it is to have the air conditioners turned off during the hot day times in fear of your shooting electricity bills. But those concerns and fears will have no place if you choose a best window air conditioner. They are efficient, inexpensive and are absolutely power saving.

To help you choose the best from the market, we brought to you the review of 5 best window air conditioner. They have earned this place in TOP 5 list for the amazing user reviews they have got and the cool features they are packaged with. We have also written below the features that you should look out for in any window evaporative cooler. We are sure this guide will help you in choosing a cooler from the best. Our friend John from helped us to make this comaprison.

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How to choose the Best Window air Conditioners:

Window air Conditioner are very economical to operate as they use the natural principle of cooling while evaporation for turning the hot air into cool air. They function optimally well in dry places where the humidity is very low. While the window air conditioners will work towards removing moisture and make you feel dry, these window evaporative coolers add moisture to your living space and are really a healthier option than air conditioners. They do not have any compressors that will pollute environment; they are fully natural and use water for functioning and not ozone depleting refrigerants. The features that one must check while buying window evaporative coolers is listed below, please read to understand what you should look for in the cooler you choose. If you are looking for fan and heater combo unit then check this out.

Cooling Pad Thickness

The thickness of cooling pad or media determines the cooling effectiveness of your cooler. Thicker the media or pad, more efficient the cooling. Most coolers offer 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch thick cooling pad. Verify the thickness offered before choosing your cooler.

Air Flow Capacity

This factor decides the efficiency of your cooler. The higher the CFM more enhanced the cooling. Also make sure to choose a cooler with ideal CFM for your space requirement.

Cooler Make

It would be advisable to buy polyethylene made or well UV treated or Galvanized steel outside cabinet that can avoid the trouble of rust and corrosion in your cooler. Choose one that promises weather resistant and corrosion resistant hassle free usage.

Air Purifier

Few models have air purifying feature that will ensure that the air which is getting circulated is free of dust and other particulate matter. Do verify if your choice provides this cool feature.

TOP 5 Best Window air Conditioner of 2018:

Many popular brands manufacture window evaporative coolers and they have been used across the globe by thousands of people for years. As there are many options and models to choose from, we understand you will have confusion in finalizing your best buy. To help you choose and give a comparison of various best models, we have reviewed here the TOP 5 Best Window air Conditioners of 2018.

1. Portacool PAC2KCYC01 Portable Evaporative Capacity

This Port-a-cool PAC2KCYC01 cooler is a great choice for cooling a space of about 700 sq foot. It can cool with an air flow efficiency of about 3000 CFM. It has a water tank capacity of 16 gallons and can run continuously for more than 4 hours. It can also run for longer time when it is connected to a garden hose. It has adjustable louvers that can move air up or down according to your circulation needs. It is made of one piece roto-molded polyethylene housing and is resistant to rust, crack or leakage. The PAC2KCYC01 marks its position for being one of the best evaporative coolers which is durable and long lasting.

Product Highlights

  • Cools up to 700 Square feet
  • Large Water capacity of 16 gallons or can be operated continuously with hose
  • Low power consumption and powerful air flow of about 3000 CFM
  • Roto-molded one piece polyethylene made structure allows easy installation
  • Durable and easily maintainable offering efficient cooling of up to 30 degree F.

2. Luma Comfort EC220W Evaporative Cooling

The Luma comfort EC220W cooler is one of the best evaporative coolers that works naturally, efficiently and inexpensively. It does not use any coolants or refrigerants for cooling, yet it produces an equivalent effort by consuming very less power. It consumes lesser than 80% of power needed for an air conditioner with compressor. It can effectively cool spaces up to 600 square feet with its 1650 CFM air flow and its rigid cooling media on three sides provides enhanced cool breeze guaranteeing efficient cooling. Its good oscillating capacity circulates the cool air evenly across your room. It has a 10.6 gallon water tank for longer operating capacity or you can also choose to keep it connected to your garden hose for water supply. This eco-friendly cooler that is equipped with dust filters and humidifiers will ensure that you live in a cool, cosy and clean environment.

Product Highlights

  • Cools up to 600 Square feet with its 1650 CFM air flow
  • Water capacity of 10.6 gallons or you can keep it connected with a garden hose
  • Offers efficient cooling by consuming very less power
  • Filters dust particulates and adds moisture to your air keeping it healthier
  • Rigid cooling pads for effective cooling
  • Constructed with UV protected ABS plastic and offers corrosion resistance

3. Phoenix Manufacturing BW3004 Evaporative Window Cooling

The BW3004 window cooler from is capable of cooling 600 square feet area and is also available in upgraded sizes which can cool areas like 800, 1000 and 1200 square feet. This efficient cooler can keep your living or rooms cool and comfortable in dry and hot climatic places where the humidity is low. It is very powerfully designed to produce an air flow volume of about 3000CFM and keep your living 30F cooler than the outside temperature. It is comparatively noiseless when compared to other compressor using air conditioners and coolers. It uses highly efficient rigid media for cooling that absorbs more water and thereby leading to better evaporation and enhanced cooling. The design boasts of durable low sump pump with mirroscopic polished blower shaft that ensures longer life of shaft and bearing. This smartly designed cooler is robust, durable and efficient and so it tops our list of best window evaporative cooler 2015 for its efficiency to cool your living space at minimal cost.

Product Highlights

  • Standard size cools up to 600 Square feet,
  • Bigger sizes can cool up to 1200 square feet
  • Powerful ¼ HP, 115 Volts and 2 speed motor
  • Works on one-third of energy of a regular AC ensuring 80% savings in Electric Bills
  • Durable low sump pump ensures longer bearing and shaft life
  • A 10 year warranty against leakage due to rust

4. Champion Cooler 5000Cfm Evaporative Swamp

With a 5000CFM air flow, the Champion cooler is one of the best window evaporative cooler. It can cool up to 1600 square feet spaces and with its large air blowing capacity this cooler can easily be sufficient for cooling an entire apartment. It uses 75% less electricity and does not use any polluting refrigerants for cooling. For convenience of using its settings and adjustments, this model also offers remote control for a distance of 20 ft from the cooler. It is designed with an efficient smooth operating blower for quiet operations. Also all the metal surfaces in the cooler have been corrosion treated. They are polished with UV-stabilized polyester powder for better finish and quality. It comes with the necessary hardware and chains to support it on your window. The vents are adjustable to fit any type of vertical or horizontal window. You can always choose to make a stand to mount this unit too. Buyer reviews has appreciated this units long life and efficiency of cooling in hot and dry places. Champion cooler is indeed a champ in cooling; we highly recommend this product for its efficiency and durability.

Product Highlights

  • Cools up to 1600 Square feet living spaces
  • Excellent air flow and offers up to 5000 CFM cool air flow
  • Low power consumption and consumes almost 75% less electricity
  • Efficient blower which is very durable and is reliable for longer operations
  • The pump is lubricated for permanent usage and can be used worry free for years
  • ½ HP, 2 speed, 120 Volt Motor
  • All metal surfaces are UV treated for resistance to corrosion

5. Essick Air 2800 cfm Direct-Drive Window Evaporative Cooler

The Essick Air 2800 cfm Direct-Drive Window Evaporative Cooler marks its place in our TOP 5 list for its efficient cooling, affordable pricing and amazing features. This cooler is suitable for living spaces of about  400 to 600 square feet. It is very efficient with an effective cool air flow volume of about 2800 CFM. This is easily installable and comes with a window kit to make installation quick and simple. It is very versatile as it can act as a cooler, humidifier or just a fan for your house. It is directly connected to your water supply and provides a hassle free and quite operation. It is functional with two air speeds and can work only in fan mode too. They are well suited for dry and arid climates. The most advantageous feature of this cooler is it is eco friendly and can reduce ambient temperature by 20F with very less power consumption. We would recommend this cool buy for its efficient and easy usage.

Product Highlights

  • Cools spaces up to 400 to 600 square feet
  • Very efficiently designed for excellent air flow (up to 2800CFM)
  • Versatile to be used as cooler, humidifier and just as fan only
  • Easy to install and use with remote controls
  • Corrosion resistant Finish – Coated with Polyester powder for weather and corrosion resistance
  • An eight year warranty for leakage due to rust and corrosion

Best Window air Conditioners & Best Swamp Cooler 2018

Hope our selective pick from the lot and their review on what they offer and what you should look forward to in the top 5 Best Window Air Conditioner Best Swamp Cooler in market today would have helped you in making your choice. The models we have suggested are all proficient, successful and reasonably priced. Make your choice depending on the area requirement for your cooling needs. We would also recommend you to go through the product specifications thoroughly and verify for the features we have mentioned you should look for in a window evaporative cooler. Buy Smart, Stay Cool, Live Cool!

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