The Best Blender for Green Smoothies is What You Need

best blender for kale smoothies

There are many health conscious people that incorporate green smoothies into their lives. It’s important that our bodies are fed the alkaline, nutritious, easily digestible, and fiber-packed greens. And for those who have a less than easy time consuming salads all day long, smoothies are a convenient and delicious way to get that nutrition. Achieving that perfect consistency means investing in the best blender for green smoothies. Remember, your smoothies are only as good as your blender.

Perfect Smoothie Essentials

Texture, consistency, nutrients and taste are the major factors that determine a great green smoothie. The ingredients are what make all the difference in creating the perfect smoothie. Thick ingredients provide a delicious and frosty-like smoothie that give a great consistency. Green, frozen fruits, avocados, mangoes, frozen spinach, and cucumbers make for a true smoothie texture. Since green smoothie drinkers are typically health conscious, not overloading smoothies with tons of unnecessary calories makes for a guilt-free drink of the best kind. Sticking to more greens, low-sugar fruits, low-calorie liquids, and adding some protein powder will ensure a healthy smoothie that tastes great without adding bulk to the waist while keeping you full longer. Make the smoothie nutrient-dense by adding chia seeds, hemp protein, hemp hearts, flax seeds or super-food powders like spirulina. Instead of using ice cubes, freeze coconut milk or almond milk instead. Freezing cubed cucumbers, zucchini or avocados add great substance. Sweetening your smoothies with lower-sugar fruit and/or stevia provides a healthy and delicious treat.

How the Best Blender Adds the Finishing Touches

What adds to the perfect smoothie goes far beyond the ingredients. A good blender with horsepower that can crush ice, fruits and veges and can provide a consistent blend that brings all the components together. A great blender should be able to crush and move all the ingredients in a wave motion that fully incorporates all elements without side sticking and chunks. The right order of the packed-in ingredients will literally be the difference between a poor smoothie and a great smoothie. The powders and seeds should be first in so they can get the blending action of the blades. This prevents clumping and side-sticking. Adding the fresh ingredients next, the frozen additions on top and the liquid in last keeps all components flowing effortlessly during blending. This creates the perfect consistency while flavor is enhanced.

Top 3 Best Blender for Green Smoothies

A good blender is needed to make a great smoothie. This doesn’t mean breaking the bank is a requirement. There are top quality blenders that can fit the budget as well as blenders that will have you making smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1. Black & Decker Crush Master Blender (BL10450HB)

This user-friendly blender is a great blender for healthy smoothies that can fit the budget. Between $25 to $50, this blender doesn’t compromise on quality nor performance. With its 450 peak wattage and 10 speeds, it has enough horsepower to crush ice and obliterate solids in addition with the Pulse Function and Ice Crush Function. The stainless steel, 4-blade system and the 42 oz jar will surely fulfill all your blending needs.


  • 450-watt countertop blender with multi-level stainless-steel blades
  • Push-button controls; 10 speed settings, plus pulse and ice-crush function
  • 42-ounce heat-resistant glass blending jar; interlock system for safety
  • Motor-overheat protection system; fast-clean button; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures approximately 8-1/5 by 11 by 13 inches; 2-year limited warranty


  • Smells like burnt and has black smoke coming from the bottom
  • No safety switch
  • Glass container is to loose

2. Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

This champion blender functions at optimum performance that rivals blenders that cost double the price. It’s 1100 watt, 2.5 peak horsepower motor is plenty robust enough to efficiently cut through, crush and liquefy the toughest ingredients. The mutli-level Total Crushing blades incorporate a gear system that allows the upper and lower blades to operate at differing RPM’s to ensure solids and ice are crushed through to provide a smooth and silky consistency. The locking mechanism of the canister can be initiated whether the handle is on the left or right. The pour spout and locking lid make for easy pouring as well as reducing spills and splashes. This blender is simple to use and has a responsive control system. The extra safety features such as the blender being unable to start without the lid secured and canister locked in position, should be appreciated due to the many high-performance blades and power the Ninja is famous for. The Ninja is held on par with many high-quality blenders because of its quality performance.


  • Easy to use and cleaning
  • The three speeds offered by the machine
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Safe from the toxic effects of contamination by BPA


  • Not very good for dishwasher
  • Makes a lot of noise during food processing

3. Blendtec® Total Blender TB-621-20

On the more expensive end, this high-powered blender operates at the maximum 1560 watts. It is the definition of use-friendly with its pre-programmed blending cycles and touchpad controls. More isn’t always best when it comes to this blade system. The stainless steel 2 prong blade performs at 29,000 RPM to guarantee an ice crushing effect on the most hardened foods. The blade has been uniquely designed to maximize optimum circulation of foods and liquids to ensure everything gets obliterated by the blade action. A rubber mount has been built-in to absorb the shocks and reduce

noise created from the process of blending frozen foods and ice. Super light and easy to clean, this is an excellent blender to make healthy smoothies.

  • Very sturdy build
  • Powerful motor with 1500 watt
  • outstanding blending results
  • Jar leakage after a few years (Blendtec offers an extended warrenty though)
  • Price

The benefits of a blender are many. They can make nutritious food desirable by emulsifying any food you want, especially foods that we need to consume more of to maintain quality health. The best blender for green smoothies is a blender that can be a part of the counter-top appliance family and will be used often – even daily. Happy blending


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