Different Types of Air Conditioners

central air conditioner

Clean air inside the house is very important. In an otherwise polluted environment, a pollutant-free and fresh breathing air is very comforting and healthy. That is why air conditioners are now usually found in homes because aside from cooling the room temperature, they also purify the air and normalize the humidity level. It is also important to have healthy and non-humid breathing air. At abnormal levels, these factors can pose various health risks to human beings. But there are different types of air conditioners, for different purposes. The following are conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial uses:

Window Air Conditioners

A common type of air conditioner is the window type. It is basically a single box that is fitted in a window sill or in a makeshift slot in the wall of the room. This is usually found in most residential homes. Window type air conditioners have all of its parts (condenser, compressor, expansion valve or coil, cooling coil and evaporator) enclosed inside a single box. All kinds of residential houses will go well with this type of air con.

Split System Air Conditioners

Second, the split system air conditioner is unlike the window-type. Instead of all parts in a single box, this type has an indoor unit (which has the cooling fan and the evaporator) and an outdoor unit (compressor, condenser and expansion valve). One won’t have cut a hole in a wall in install a split unit. And because of its design, these types of air conditioners is more preferred for its simple looks that can blend in with any room décor. It can also be use to cool one or two rooms. The split system air conditioner is also okay with all kinds of residential homes.

Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial and industrial buildings, however, need larger air conditioners to cool the larger spaces. The types of air conditioners for this setting are the packaged air conditioners and the central air conditioning system.

The packaged air conditioners have two optional settings. In the first one, all the parts of an air con are enclosed in a single outdoor unit, and then the cooled air is flown through the ducts located in the rooms. In the second arrangement, the condenser and compressor are housed in a single unit, and then the compressed gas are passed through multiple units (with the expansion valve and cooling coil) located in the rooms. This is basically like the split-type air conditioners, but designed to cool larger, multiple spaces.

The central air conditioning system, meanwhile, uses a huge compressor that can produce tons of cooled air.


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