How to Choose Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide

Evaporative coolers also go by the name Swamp coolers, a very useful option during hot weather conditions. Whether there is peak summers or low humidity, you can use this cooler for subtle, steady and cool breeze to make the ambience feel better. Markets have plenty options to offer in this department, to make it worth your time and money, it is wise to get a quick glimpse of the factors that you need to consider before buying an evaporative cooler.

Evaporative Coolers vs Air Conditioners

Often people get confused with such choices, not knowing what to expect from each of them. While Best evaporative cooler Review are all about reducing the humidity while the other adds on to it, and coolers take the lead in many aspects in comparison to best air Conditioner.

  • Breeze that it generates makes the entire room temperature cooler going almost 4 to 6 degrees cooler
  • Uses standard power output
  • Fresh air flow like experience
  • Uses less electricity, low maintenance cost and easy installation

Installation and Flow

In most setups, evaporative coolers are mounted on the roof as it helps in blowing the air on the downward side. Some also like it installed at the windows or even the walls. Be it any kind of installation, you have the convenience of a quick set up and no leakage problems like what you can experience with an air conditioner. This is a suitable option for both small and large homes, providing effective distribution to help cool the entire surrounding.


Such coolers are designed to be sturdy and durable, serving its prime purpose of spreading cooling around the house effectively. They are designed to be rust free, corrosion resistant and made of good quality steel. Maintenance with such coolers is very easy; you can follow the basic directions to keep it clean and a general thumb of rule is to call in for a thorough inspection by an expert. Coolers come with easy adjustability option, especially when it comes to managing the water and the belt levels.


Evaporative coolers come in the portable form, but are relatively quiet and very effective. Of course, portability and other features highly depend on the model you choose. But, going by the current offerings, there is a huge range of portable options. The cooling range is also very good; some models also offer cooling up to 3000 square feet.


In the basic evaporative cooler models, they come in two speed options and one vent only. When you opt for vent only operation, the water pump is put to rest and same time the outdoor air does not humidify. This in turn will allow you to use to the cooler as a fan like option for the whole house and this can be a useful option during mild weather conditions.

You can control the air movement by adjusting the openings of the window. You can open the vents on the side to cater to more area capacity for cooling. In order to bring the required regulation, you can open the windows in the area you wish to make cool and close the windows in the unoccupied or unused areas.

If you opt for optional filters, it helps remove the dust that comes in from the outside, a very good option to go with in the current times. Many suffer with dust and other allergies come in the form of air, hence an additional filter does help. Not all models come with air filters, however you can add them post installation.

Energy Saving

When you opt for an evaporative cooler, you are bound to save yourself enough money on the energy bills. It has been stated clearly that such a machine can save up on your energy bills to as low as 25%, definitely a better option compared to air conditioning that only increases the energy consumption. The reason why they are so energy efficient is because such coolers take in evaporation and helps push out the cool air. Another additional benefit is that it helps in protecting you and your family from bacterial like mold, which is definitely not healthy.


Price is a variable factor, which does not come in a common bracket only because there are plenty models to cater to. Amongst the many models, depending on the size and capacity, the price also goes up and low accordingly. However, comparing the price of such models to its contemporaries, surely evaporative coolers come light on your pockets.


Evaporative coolers are all about convenience and cost effective means to having a cool ambience in your surroundings. In most aspects, it is sensible to settle for evaporative coolers over air conditioners, right from energy saving, power saving, easy installation, easy maintenance to cost effective, it takes the lead. However, this type of equipment may require more work in terms of maintenance as it needs to be done on regular basis.



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