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best whole house evaporative cooler

During blazing summer or extremely hot days, it is very irritable to stay at home. All of the scorching heat would make you feel very uncomfortable. Based on my years of experience working on various cooling devices, I believe that evaporative coolers are better than air conditioner in term of effectiveness and energy-saving. There’s an exception to one of the air conditioners, dual hose portable air conditioner which can also work great.

While air conditioners use vapor-compression, evaporative coolers utilize water’s vaporization to cool the air around. Therefore, in the hot dry weather, the temperature can be dropped significantly. This way, these evaporative devices can be generated with much less energy and are more effective than regular air conditioner. If you want to get your intire house cold then you should go for the whole house evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler reviews provide information, features, specs, and advantages of some specific coolers which I thought are best cooling devices out there. You can check them yourself in the market or in Amazon. The main purpose of these reviews is not to endorse any product, but to inform users how to make the right buying decision based on their needs and wants. We also have heater related article you may like it. click here or here for combo unit here

Best Seller Evaporative Cooler 2018

1. Portable Evaporative Cooler

The SF-608R evaporative cooler works by circulating the air. Cool air will be supplied to the room, in a constant manner. If it’s placed near the door, then it will draw the air from the outside. The pads have enough moisture to filter the air and make it cool, as the pads have enough moisture in them. The process of filtration will produce cool air to be circulated. For best results, it’s important to keep the windows open to let the warm air go out of the room. The level of water cannot be controlled, because of the portable nature of an evaporative cooler. However, manual regulation can always be carried out…

2. Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The Whynter 14000 dual hose portable air conditioner (ARC-14S) is the best option for conditioning the air of the limited space. If you are interested to get the assistance of a well working device that can be mounted in a fix place once, you should select purchasing dual hose portable air conditioner.

The Whynter dual hose portable air conditioner possesses the capability of 100 pints per day while its fan system runs in three different speeds.  Utilizing the variety of functions and settings in the air conditioner, you can adjust the device according to your requirement in the particular situation…

3. Handy Cooler

This hand held evaporative cooler consists of a small fan that has been designed to be capable of cooling the air up to 30F. The highly efficient handy machine can be compared with a mini air conditioner as it can cool the entire space around it within short time duration. One can use it in outdoor locations such as while traveling, in lawn or garden and in terrace etc or indoor as a table fan. The mechanism of the small portable fan resides on the concept of providing cool and gentle breeze…

best evaporative cooler Review & Best portable evaporative cooler

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