Top 5 Best Hand Held Blender Reviews and Guide 2018

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There is little doubt that a good hand blender can be a convenient tool to have around the kitchen. Most are really easy to use and clean, and almost any model might hold up if you only want to blend a milkshake or powdered supplement. However, even large blenders like Oster or Ninja blenders have a hard time slicing through ice and other fairly hard objects.

How to rate the best hand held blenders?

If you take the time to test several models and read consumer feedback, you will probably find yourself asking the same three basic questions about each model. In order to make the list of the best hand held blenders, each model had to pass these three tests.

  • Performance: Can the machine actually function when you want it to perform a tough job like blending ice into a frozen smoothie?
  • Durability: Can you expect the hand held blender to hold up for years, or will it quit on you after a few weeks?
  • Ease: Is the blender intuitive to use, easy to clean, and simple to store?

These three models have been selected in a variety of price ranges to fit any budget. While you can find inexpensive blenders that only cost several dollars, you can also find the professional-grade hand held blenders that cost a few hundred dollars. Most consumers manage their expectations when they purchase cheaper models, so you might take that into account when considering reviews.

1. Calphalon Electrics 3 in 1 Immersion Hand Blender

This is the most expensive blender on our list, and you can find it for a little under $200. But it is not the most expensive model that you can purchase anywhere. However, owners who also work with professional equipment say that this machine functions as well as much more expensive models that they have tried. Best yet, it blends, chops, and whips, so you do not need to invest in separate tools for each chore. Calphalon as a business has been around since 1963 so they know what they are doing. If you want, check them out on Twitter where they share their culinary passion, including recipes, trends and more.

This made the list of the best hand held blenders because the powerful motor and different blade options make it the right tool for different tasks like mixing baby formula, chopping up ice, or even grinding coffee beans. This blender is a bit heavier than most, and some owners say they have to push the buttons pretty hard, so it might be uncomfortable to use over long stretches of time for some women.

2. Hamilton Beach 59770 Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender

This makes the grade as one of the best hand held blenders because $20 will still buy you a pretty versatile kitchen tool with a 200-watt motor. The manual says not to use this model to chop ice, but one owner said she did it anyway with good results. However, if want to buy a handheld blender to chop ice, you might consider investing in a slightly more expensive model with more metal and less plastic. Hamilton Beaches more expensive blenders are actually loved by bartenders who need a blender which is durable, easy to clean and reliable.

The blade snaps off for easy cleaning, and you can simply wipe off the rest of the tool. This could make the list of the best hand held blenders for people who do not want to spend a lot of money and mostly tend to need this tool for easier jobs like mixing milkshakes, baby formula powder, soft smoothies, and protein drinks.

3. Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-watt Immersion Hand Blender


You can find this model online for less than $50, and this makes it a moderately priced choice. It comes with a generous 200-watt motor and attachments that allow you to use it as a grinder, chopper, and whipper as well as using it as one of the best hand held blenders.

Consumers who purchased this Cuisinart said it was easy to use, store, and clean, and it performed most tasks efficiently. Some did mention that it did not chop ice as finely as a blender on a stand, but it could do the job quickly. The blade section snaps off, so it is very easy to clean in your dishpan or dishwasher.

Which is the Best Hand Held Blender for You?

You need to consider your budget, but sometimes it is more frugal to pay more for a blender that will hold up for years and can even replace other kitchen tools like a countertop blender or food processor. However, if you are on a tight budget or are still not sure if you will even like using a hand blender, you might start with a less expensive model that has good reviews for the price.

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