Top 5 Best Heater and Fan Combo, Review and Buying Guide 2018

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With the increasing amount of livelihood cost, everyone is in search of ways to cut back on bills without sacrificing comfort. A fan heater is such a home appliance you would appreciate. You can use this amazing fan-heater combo all through the year. You can keep the most used areas of your house in winter and cool in summer very easily. The simple design and quicker heating ability have made it incredibly affordable. As these heaters are made of ceramic, they provide ultimate safety. Auto turns off system, flame resistant exterior, and many more safety features are there to take care of all your worries. Because of their compact size, they are highly portable. By consistently distributing heat, a fan heater can warm even a large room equally. You can even choose the area you want to heat, this will save you from unnecessary electricity bill.

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Top 5 Best Heater and Fan Combo

All in all, with so many advantages, it’s becoming the top choice for heating, either its home or office.

With a seemingly overwhelming number of options available in the market, it’s really challenging to pick the best one. However, here in this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best fan & heater combo, based on their performance, convenience, designs, costs and customer evaluation.

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater :

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko 751320 ceramic tower heater is a high-quality fan-heater combo that has earned popularity among users because of its unique features and advantages.

This space heater includes a programmable, electronic thermostat, an auto shut-off timer, and two noiseless comfort setting- all these can be controlled with a remote control. As you can control temperature to the nearest degree, there is no chance of energy waste while heating a room. The heater also includes safety feature.

This ceramic tower heater heats up fast distributes the heat evenly around the room excellently. It provides excellent coverage, so it can be a good option for heating any sized room unless it’s extra-large or wide open.

Its compact size and a carrying handle make the transportation much easier. As the heater comes fully assembled, you can use it right away.

However, despite all the advantages it offers, the manufacturer has kept the price very affordable. So, it definitely worth being your next purchase.


  • Quick heating capacity.
  • Helpful timing function.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Two heat mode.
  • Space-saving the narrow design.
  • Auto tip-over shut-off.


  • For an extra-large room, it might not be a good choice.
  • There is no fan-only mode, hence can’t be used in summer.
  • The heater always comes in high heat mode. If you unplug it, you have to set the temperature manually.

2. Optimus H-1322 Portable 2-speed Fan Heater:

If you want your fan heater to be portable and powerful at the same time, Optimus H-1322 may be the best one for you. This small one can beat many titans available in the market.

This small but powerful heater comes with three heat setting option. You can run this heater without heat that means fan-only mode which is helpful to circulate air once you have heated the room to the desired temperature.

As per heat setting is concerned, there are two heat settings for your convenience. Low heat setting can deliver 750watt output which is best for personal heating, while the high heat setting is able to provide up to 1500watt which allows you to warm the whole room.

If we talk about the convenience of the heater, it’s very simple to use. It produces a very little sound which is quite like humming. So, it’s not going to distract you at all.

Its built-in handle on the back makes transportation quite easier.

With toddlers or pet in the house, you won’t have to worry about safety. If it gets tip-over or overheats, it automatically turns off.

Considering the versatility of the heater, it worth your confidence.


  • Fast heat-up time allows feeling warm in no time.
  • Fan-only mode.
  • Because of small size, it’s more energy-efficient.
  • Great portability.
  • Adjustable heat-setting.
  • Auto shut-off function.


3. Hurricane Tower Heater, heat wave series:

Whether you want to keep your home or office warm in cold, winter nights, the hurricane tower heater from heatwave series worth your consideration. This powerful tower heater includes many useful features to make it convenient for you.

As per the heat distribution is concerned, this 20” space heater can distribute even heat to all through the room, that too very quickly. It includes three-speed setting, so you can customize the temperature as per your need.

This space heater comes with a remote control, which is a plus point. You can easily adjust temperature, sitting from your couch or bed.

As safety is the first concern with any device, the manufacturer kept it in priority. Having passed ELT certificate means the product has completed safety analysis successfully. So, if you are concerned with the safety of your near ones, rest assured with this product.

All these excellent features, the space heater comes at a really affordable price.


  • Quick and even heat distribution.
  • Excellent air flow.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Not noisy at all.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Installation might be a little tricky.

4. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater:

Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

If you want a premium quality fan heater with dual heating and cooling feature, Dyson AM09 would be the best option. With various beneficial features, this space heater is absolutely excellent.

With plenty of useful features, this heater also adds magnificent look- tall, sleek design and beautiful color combination. You can choose one from three beautiful color combination- white and silver, black and nickel or iron and blue, that matches with your interior.

With different temperature setting, you can use this heater for personal cooling or room heating, whatever you want. It can produce long-range powerful airflow and even heat distribution throughout a medium sized room with its focused and defused mode.

With hot and cool fan heater, you can enjoy warmth in cold and cool breeze in summer.

As the device includes an intelligent thermostat, there is no chance to waste energy while heating the room.

For the ultimate safety, the fan heater maintains all safety measurements like, no exposed heating element, no fast-spinning blade that might lead to accidents and auto shut-off on tipping over the feature.

It’s true that the price of the product is a bit higher comparably, but with premium features, it absolutely worthy of some extra bucks. So, if you don’t have an issue with the budget, go for it.


  • Fast heating capacity.
  • Year-round useable.
  • Powerful and quiet.
  • Overheating and tip-over protection.
  • 3 color available.
  • Magnetized by remote control.


  • The fan is less effective than the heater.
  • High price.

5. Opolar Ceramic Space Heater:

If you are looking for a powerful space heater for your basement or living space, an Opolar ceramic space heater is the best one you would find. With many innovative features, the heater will keep you warm all through the winter.

This heater includes a thermostat which can be adjusted to control the heat according to your requirement. Moreover, PTC ceramic of the device makes sure there is no wastage of energy. This PTC ceramic produces a large amount of heat quickly and the warmth of the fan passes through the aluminum radiator, the whole area gets heated in just three seconds. Another wow factor of this equipment is the auto-oscillating feature that helps to heat a larger area, that too with the same energy, same electricity.

The space heater comes at a compact size and with very little weight which made it easier to transport.

Keeping the safety issue in mind, the heater includes protective gears with overheating and tip-over protection. If an overheating occurs, the devices automatically shut off and get back on operation once it reaches a safe temperature.

To earn your absolute confidence, the company is offering a one-year warranty on this heater. What more to expect!


  • Excellent quality outdoor heating.
  • Safety features included.
  • Compact design.


  • A bit noisy.

Having one of these space heaters will make your winter enjoyable. These are by far the best space heaters available in the market according to our evaluation. All these are unique in features and advantages they produce. So, make your own choice as per your situation and budget.


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