Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review

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Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

If you are looking for an efficient portable evaporative cooler Review that will look and work great then Luma Comfort EC110S will make a great buy for it is one of the best evaporative coolers in market today. It is very functional and energy efficient and provides effective cooling at the lowest price. Luma is a brand which focuses on customer value and their satisfaction as its priority. All their products are manufactured and designed to suit and cater to customer needs. The EC110S from Luma is also built with same customer values to provide efficient performance at an affordable price. We have reviewed here in detail the features and specifications of this evaporative cooler which is one of the best evaporative portable cooler designed.

Design and Features:

The EC110S cooler is small, efficient and simple to use. It is very elegant looking with a great shape and silver glossy finish and this will surely add great value and look to your living space. It does not make much noise while operation and hence you can keep it anywhere in any corner of your home and continue to enjoy cool air without much disruptions. It works really well and can lower your atmospheric temperature by nearly 5 degrees and will keep your room cool and well air circulated.

With its 500 CFM air flow, this cooler can efficiently cool up to 250 square feet of your living space in hot and humid weather conditions. It uses natural principle of evaporative cooling to cool your home and hence is very conservative on energy and only needs water for its operation. It has an inbuilt removable water tank which needs to be filled with water and it uses the hot air from the atmosphere to pass over the water cooled cooling pads which will cause evaporation and thereby natural cooling of your air. It does not use any coolant or polluting refrigerants or ozone depleting Chlorofluro Carbons for cooling your surroundings and hence it is very environment friendly.

It is a perfect energy efficient alternative for your air conditioner. It uses very less power even while used continuously for hours together. It has power rating of 110 watts only and this makes sure that your monthly electricity bills stays well within affordable limits. You will be able to save a lot on electricity as it costs nearly 80% less than operating an air conditioner.

It allows you customize settings as per your needs with its 3 fan speed modes. It can also be controlled remotely and it has timer settings that will allow you to set the on and off timing for operations. There is a digital panel which displays your settings and allows easy reading. It has a water level indicator that allows you to monitor the low water levels in the cooler and re-fill water for continuous efficient cooling.

They are very easily maintainable and do not need any assistance from technicians or specialists. You can very clean and maintain them on your own. The removable water tanks allow easy cleaning and re-filling. Also this portable evaporative cooler does not need an installation and can be conveniently placed anywhere in your living. It uses high end rigid cooling pad and these cooing pads are very readily available in market and you can easily change them when they get worn out.

Technical Specs:

  • Cooling space coverage – Up to 250 square feet
  • Power – 110 Watts
  • Air flow Capacity – 500 cubic feet per minute
  • Water tank capacity – 1.76 gallons of water with low water indicator feature
  • Weight – 16.2 pounds
  • Dimensions – 12.8 in. x 11.2 in. x 34.5 in
  • Material – Made up of high quality plastic with silver finish for aesthetic look
  • Number of Speed – 3
  • Remote and Timers – Has remote controls and timer setting for automatic on and off.


  • Elegant design and is sized to fit any corner of your living space
  • Portable and it is light weight which allows easy transferring within your living.
  • No special assembling or installation is required.
  • Low noise allows comfortable usage while sleeping or working or watching something
  • Very minimal maintenance is required.


  • Only suitable for small living spaces.
  • Can work only in hot and humid places. Not suitable for all weather conditions.


With a sleek design Luma Comfort EC110S will for sure look great and work great to keep your living space cool and comfortable. It is elegant and modern looking, light weight, portable and wonderfully designed to fit your small home spaces and keep your surroundings cool in an energy efficient manner.  It is very reasonably priced and it is a budgeted equivalent for an air conditioner that works in budget price to produce optimal cooling.


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