Here Are 6 Portable Bathroom Heaters Tips

bathroom ceiling heaters

If you are looking for a way to save on your heating bill this month and every month, you should certainly look at portable bathroom heaters to take the bite out of your ever-rising energy costs. Aside from keeping your feet and bum toasty warm in the winter months, a handy bathroom heater can also keep the air circulating and fresh. Many affordable heaters come with a built in fan, and those that don’t are still very effective at keeping one of the coldest places in your home (imagine all that tile and porcelain!) warm when the temperatures fall.

Fortunately, there are many different manufacturers trying to corner the market on portable bathroom heaters, so you have lots to choose from. You will want to consider a few things before purchasing yours; here are a few worth a mention:

  • Cost – find a budget and stay within it, you are certain to find a convenient bathroom heater that will leave you with at least some money in your wallet.
  • Will you purchase an electric heater or gas heater? Some portable heaters are even now solar powered. Gas powered portable bathroom heaters will stay on even if there is a power outage and can be less expensive than electric, so consider this.
  • Will your heater be in the style of a tower, a table top heater, or a baseboard heater?
  • How much power do you need? The higher the voltage, usually the more heat you can generate and the more often you can keep the heater running without worrying that the motor will die on you. Check reviews of your portable bathroom heater to find the most volts or amps you can afford. There are many floating around online.
  • Do you want a simple heater with few controls or one that you can program to come on in the morning when you first rise to brush your teeth and take your morning shower and go off on its own when you leave for work?
  • Safety is a very important consideration especially if you have pets at home. Look for devices that have an automatic over-heat shut-off or that power down when they have been on for too much time. Some of the recent portable bathroom heaters go on and off in cycles for more efficiency and also to be safer. Since the heat in a room will usually rise, and stay, at least for a while before dissipating, the heater doesn’t have to run continuously.

When choosing your portable bathroom heaters, make sure you have a clear space to place it in your bathroom. It should be far away from things that will easily combust, like towels or robes, and definitely as far away as possible from things that are highly flammable like aerosol sprays.


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