SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review

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SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

A very functional and efficient portable evaporative cooler, SF-609 is one of the best selling models from the Sunpentown evaporative coolers. When compared to an air conditioner, SF-609 is very affordably priced and will make a best alternative cooling solution for your living if you are located in a place which is hot and has less humidity. If you would like to know in detail how SF609 can make your living cool, why do we say it is an excellent alternative for air conditioner, how much of your space it can efficiently cool and why it will make a great buy then kindly read on. We have reviewed here in detail the features and specifications of this portable evaporative cooler which is one of the best evaporative portable cooler designed to provide you a cool and comfortable living.

Design and Features:

How does a SF-609 Cooler keep your room cool? 

SF609 is an evaporative cooler and it is designed to keep your room cool and breezy with fresh natural air. It works by the simple natural principle of lowering air temperature through evaporation by taking in hot air from outside and move it over water which will cause evaporation and will effectively cool the air which will get circulated in your room.

Why do we say SF609 is an excellent alternative for air conditioner? 

As it uses natural principle of evaporation for heat exchange, unlike air conditioners the SF609 is not dependent on refrigerants or other environment harming chemicals for cooling your living space. It also consumes very less electricity when compared to air conditioners and hence they make a great alternative for air conditioners if you are located in hot and humid weather.

How much of your space it can efficiently cool? 

The SPT SF-609 Portable evaporative air cooler can efficiently cool regular small living spaces up to size of 150 square feet with its 476 CFM cool air flow. It is portable and so you can move it around wherever you are placed to cool the surrounding area of where you are seated.

Why will it make a great buy?

It is very affordably priced and is an excellent value for money product which is reliable and efficient. SF-609 features 3 fan speed mode with remote controls and has a water tank capacity of 2.6 gallons which make it convenient and easy to use without much difficulty for long hours on dry and arid climate days. They are easy to maintain and less costly to operate as they consume very less electricity of about 60W for their operations and it will make sure that your electricity bills are well within limits. It weighs about 20 pounds but has wheels that will help you to move it around in your home. The highlight of this model is its air purifying capacity as it has an ionizer to purify air and make it healthier by removing particulate matter.

How is it to maintain and install?

The SF-609 is very easily maintainable and do not need any assistance from technicians or specialists for monthly or yearly maintenance schedule. You can very clean and maintain them on your own. The removable water tanks allow easy cleaning and re-filling. Also this portable evaporative cooler does not need an installation and can be conveniently placed anywhere in your living. It uses high end rigid cooling pad and these cooing pads are very readily available in market and you can easily change them when they get worn out.

Technical Specs:

  • Cooling space coverage – Up to 150 square feet
  • Power – 60 Watts
  • Air flow Capacity – 476 cubic feet per minute
  • Water tank capacity – 2.6 gallons of water with low water indicator feature
  • Weight – About 20 pounds
  • Dimensions – 13 in. x 27 in. x 17 in
  • Material – Made up of high quality plastic in white colour, Resistive to corrosion
  • Number of Speed – 3
  • Remote and Timers – Has remote controls and timer setting for automatic on and off for duration of 7.5 hours.


  • Efficient cooler for small living spaces which is equipped with Ionizer for purifying air.
  • Light weight and portable to move around anywhere in your house.
  • No special assembling or installation is required and is very easily maintainable.
  • Very environment friendly and consumes very less power.


  • Only suitable for small living spaces.
  • Can work only in hot and humid places and is not suitable for all weather conditions.


SPT SF 609 is an efficient and reliable cooler which you can completely rely upon for cooling your small living spaces. It looks great and works great. It is well-designed, not very heavy, effortlessly portable and smoothly functional cooler which will fit your small home spaces very well. It will keep your surroundings cool in an energy efficient manner.  It is very convincingly priced for the great features it offers and is a durable cooler which you can rely on for your cooling needs for the many summers to come. 


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