Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner

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Description about Mobile Comfort KY-80

Have you ever heard about the fantastic appliance that works as the three in one device for cooling air? Mobile comfort KY 80 is one of the awesome air cooling device featuring three functions; they are air conditioning, fan feature and room dehumidification. The portable room AC application possesses an immense capacity of cooling small rooms, offices and limited floors. This model is one of the best-selling coolers in Amazon. The compact design of the portable AC device helps the user to keep the device simply anywhere without any concern of security. The exclusive features of this model cooler are a digital thermostat device, full function remote, and a 4 way directional air louvers.

Some Important Features:

Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner Review

There are many reasons to recommend you the purchase of the Mobil Comfort KY-80; you will like the assistance of this handy air conditioner for the following reasons:
  • The three in one functioning of the device i.e. air conditioner, fan and room dehumidifier is available at the cost of only on device.
  • The refrigeration system of this air conditioner is based upon an eco-friendly approach completely as it helps to increase the cooling capability to the motor.
  • There is not any concern about installation and set up in this cooler as you can adjust the device within a few minutes, utilizing an extended window kit.
  • The compact design of the portable AC is constructed to suit any of your room’s space so that you can place it easily anywhere.

Advantages When Using This Evaporative Cooler

The advantageous construction and functions of this device helps you gaining the mobile comfort of air conditioning in small bedrooms and personal space. The remote control access of the device works well to control the machine from remote situations all around the room. In addition, you will like to know that the incorporated air filters of this device are designed to be washed disintegrated and reuse.

Mechanism of Mobile Comfort KY 80

The evaporating and portable AC unit allows you to access with the extensive dehumidifier that decreases undesired moisture in your room with the unique evaporation mechanism. It drips on to condenser that works for evaporating the water and exhaust it out to cool the environment.
In case the water does not get evaporated completely, it drips into a small pan and subjected for a reverse pumping to be evaporated by the condenser. In this way, the awesome AC unit is capable of cooling the space of about 250 sq. ft.  utilizing the digital thermostat device. A programmable timer is associated with the unit that can shut down and switch on the device according to the time set. It remembers all the settings incorporating in the sleep mode.

Final Rating

The evaporative cooler model can help the user to cool the room immediately. It works upon the single hose exhausting system while there is a two speed fan that functions to extend circulation function. In this way, Mobile comfort KY 80 is a highly energetic, powerful and easy to use device that will be proved as a beneficial deal.


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